NEW 2012 Bryant Legacy Line 90 Gas Furnace

Here's my friend's gas furnace. It is a late 2011 Bryant BASE Model gas furnace that is 100000 BTU's input/92000 BTU output. It is 92.3% efficient. It has ...

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ICM281 Carrier Bryant CESO110057 Control Circuit Board
ICM281 Carrier Bryant CESO110057 Control Circuit Board
(27 customer reviews)
Price: $76.40
  • Gas Valve: 1.5A @ 30 VAC
  • Inducer Motor: 4A, FLA-8.0 LRA @ 120 VAC
  • Voltage Range: Line (98 to 132 VAC) @ 60Hz
  • Ignitor: 5A @ 120 VAC
  • Cool Blower: 30A, 2HP, 240 VAC
Customer reviews
This unit is to replace the bad control board, brand new unit, that I purchased in summer, through Amazon, from the same supplier. Upon arrival I immediately replaced the bad control board and it is working beautifully. What bothers me though is...


One day my furnace started blowing just cold air. AC guy quoted us $1400 for replacing a control board, which seemed like insane price. I opened the furnace and checked the board. After a few minutes on the Internet I found this gem.Couple of...

Carrier Bryant Payne 325878-751 Control Circuit Board
Carrier Bryant Payne 325878-751 Control Circuit Board
(5 customer reviews)
Price: $149.50
Customer reviews
I bought this board with the idea that it was a genuine OEM board since the description did not mention "ICM" and the number matched that of a true Carrier Bryant replacement kit (as far as I understood). I just got the board and found that it is...

I initially purchased this board because I thought it was a Carrier product. On reciept, it was clearly marked as an ICM board. This seller was absolutely great to deal with and was more than fair in handling my return request. Buy from this seller...

OTM circuit board for furnace. Came brand new in box, very excellent shipping price and fast deliveryBear in mind, that if you purchase this, unless you have a more then adequate knowledge of electronics, it may require you to call a friend or...

Double X Science Jr: Part Two of a Pretty Metal Story

We had just discovered that steel is way better than cast iron, but it is also hard to make. The Chinese solved this problem quite effectively and this knowledge spread to the rest of the world quite quickly. They figured out how to make wrought iron from pig iron. Pig iron is essentially what iron is like once it had been heated and taken out of the ores from which it originated.


Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces, and Kilns

Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces, and Kilns

A well tuned how-to-do-it book for the craftsperson that requires a gas forge, a foundry furnace, a kiln, or a gas burner for an existing forge. It begins with a discussion of propane safety, and the proper use of tools. Chapter two includes a detailed discussion of just what a burner is and its propane fuel, along with the considerations that go into an efficient and successful design. The remainder of the book describes how to build different size burners, forges, forge carts, and furnaces. Each project has a list of materials needed and the tools required. To avoid repetition of the processes, one is referred back to earlier chapters where the process is described in detail. Included at the end of the book are a glossary of terms, a list of notes cited in the text, and an extensive list of resources. "Michael Porter's fine illustrations match his excellent writing style - Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces, and Kilns is absolutely one of the best publications on the topic." David W. Wilson.

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Bryant Furnace Parts Diagram - Free PDF Files

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Parts Diagram Of Bryant Plus 90 Furnace Model 398aaz Documents

Parts Diagram Of Bryant Plus 90 Furnace Model 398aaz Downloads Priority Downloads. parts diagram of bryant plus 90 furnace model 398aaz [Full Version]


Bryant Furnace Parts PAGE 1. There is a reason you see Bryant furnace parts in so many homes, as well as municipal and commercial buildings around the globe: they're ...

Parts Diagram Of Bryant Plus 90 Furnace Model 398aaz : Lesson 8 ...

Parts Diagram Of Bryant Plus 90 Furnace Model 398aaz. Lesson 8 Motherboard Component Parts Diagram Of A Computer. Exploded Parts Diagram Of 400 Rear Diff ...